Love painting?  Love the Beastie Boys?


Howdy, awesome painter I found on Instagram.  I'm working on a frame-by-frame stop motion remake of the Beastie Boys classic Shake Your Rump, right here in Oakland, CA.  The frames are made from (1) Velcro dot animations (2) claymation and (3) paintings. (See here for a more).

Want to join in on the fun?  I'm looking to commission a few bay area artists to help with the painted sequences.  It's basically like old-school rotoscoping:  I give you 8.5" x 11" printouts of the original video frames.  You paint on top of them.  I cut out the figures, mount them on a background and shoot them. I have a couple hundred frames remaining and I'd like to parsel them out and get a variety of dope different styles. I can pay you $20 a frame.



The end goal is to put the video on line as a tribute to the Beasties and share it with Ad-Rock and Mike D.  I may also do a gallery show around the project.  If I can get noncommercial rights to the song I'll submit it to film festivals too.  All painters will be credited in any kind of exhibition, of course.

If you're interested in Contact me at  

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