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The Totally Laime Guide to Inflection

Slide to Inflect!


Welcome Laimewads!

And for those of who somehow got here randomly, Totally Laime is podcast hosted by Elizabeth Laime and her hubbie "Psychic" Andy Rosen. One of the features of their show is a game called "Laime or Totally Rapid Fire" where they shoot phrases at the guest ("Monograms!"... "Bald Vaginas!"... "Garden State, the Movie"...), who has to then render immediate judgement by bespaking either "Laime" if they approve or "Totally" if they don't. When explaining the rules, Elizabeth and Andy must always reassure the guests that they are allowed to "use inflection" to render finer distinctions on these platonic concepts.

I get such a kick out of the different ways the guests twists their pallets to express the whole gamut of emotions with just the two words "Laime" and "Totally." To educate future generations of "Laime or Totally Rapid Fire" victims on the secret alchemy of inflection, I created have created the little tool you see above. Enjoy!!!

p.s. Who the hell is this Mike Cantor guy and why am I on his website? I'm a stop-motion animator who just released an amazing music video called "Freckle" for Brandon Patton , created using over 19,000 velcro dots . Please check it out and tell all yer Laimewad brethren:

But wait, there's more! Learn more about how freckle was made!