The Making Of Freckle

"Freckle" was created over an 18-month period by a crew of about 20 volunteer velcro-pushers from the Scary Cow film collective. At the beginning of the project, I spent about a week shooting Brandon and his co-star, the great Amber Eckley, dancing around singing the song in various get-ups. This footage was then projected one frame at a time onto a 5' x 4' white board covered by a 36 x 27 grid of white velcro dots. Each frame was traced in velcro and photographed, creating an animated sequence which was then superimposed back onto the original live action footage.

In the end "Freckle" used about 19,000 individually created velcro dots. Along the way, the project also leapt off the dot-board and into many exotic entanglements -- velcro dot suits, stop-motion face-beading, wax sculpture, and many hours learning how to composite in After Effects. I hope you will enjoy the peaks behind the curtain below!

Click on a still from Freckle below to learn how it was created!