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Velcro Rotoscoping

Welcome to the Hot Velcro Action Blog inaugural post!!! What is the purpose of this blog?  To be honest, I'm not sure. Over this past year I've been working on a music video for "Freckle" by Brandon Patton.  In the course of production, all this amazing stuff keeps happening in my studio and it drives me absolutely bonkers that it's not shared with anyone.  Hence the blog.  

A generous outpouring of creative energy that can't be contained or an exercise in loneliness and narcisism.  I'll let you be the judge.   

I'm starting off the blog with a little video that describes the bread of butter of my animation work, a technique I call "Velcro rotoscoping."  The rotoscope was a machine used in the olden days of animation that projected an image onto a glass plate for an artist to paint.  By projecting one frame at a time of a film, the artist thus created the cells of an animation.  Velcro rotoscoping uses the same principle:  A projector throws an image onto a 36 x 27 grid of white velcro dots, and I recreate that image using my luscious velcro pixels.  Do this for a sequence of frames in a video: Voila!  Velcro Rotoscoping. 

(Nowadays, rotoscoping refers to a computer-driven process by which the animator goes through video footage frame by frame to decorate or mask out an object in the foreground, but that's a different story...)

Less talk, more rock... Enjoy the video!


By the way, 6 zillion people sent me this link and now I'll pass it on to you... it's Jellybean rotoscoping!

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