And now for something completely different... I took a brief break from the Hot Doodling Action to film a big two-board game of Rampage, this super-fun smash-em-up game loosely based on the 80's arcade classic. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the adventure and followed my elaborate rules around leaving and entering the "shooting space" between turns.

Check out the final stop-motion sequence in the little intro, where we go wide with the monsters ravaging the city. This involved a slider-move, a pan, a tilt, and a focus change on every shot. Really honing my skills with camera movement in stop motion...


Solo Doodling

After almost a year of weeklyish shoots with the Advanced Doodling crew I found myself alone on a friday night and decided to do some animating All By Myself , as Celine Dion would put it (follow that link - trust me). I absolutely love getting together with my AD peeps, but I was none-the-less reminded of how much I love the epic art all-nighters of my yester-years. I have thus decided to indulge myself by doing the final chapter of our sequence as a solo voyage, insanely inefficient as that may be. This piece is a little document of about five crazy days of shooting for the first part of that final chapter.

Music: "Mr. Overtime" by Punks Jump Up.

(p.s. Okay, so there is one sequence in this video that actually comes from the sessions with the whole crew. Can you guess which one?)


Hot Zebra Bead Action

Another teaser here from the Advanced Doodling project. Here we have the "zebra bead" sequence in which this little black-and-white bauble is buried in googly eyes and other beads. The entire sequence is then recapitulated at 300x scale with a big paper mache version of the bead getting buried in corks, easter eggs, and other oddities...

The music is "Big Mouth" by Santigold. Her video for the song is pretty snazzy too. In fact it caused me to go a little youtube dive on this artist. Love the video for Girls as well.


Hot Coaster Action

The art sequence in Advanced Doodling has a quality of looping back over itself at different scales and in different media. Hence, for the last few months I've been thinking about ways to visually depict a branching time-line. This piece is an experiement with one such technique.

The source footage is a single 600-frame stop-motion sequence I shot on a blue plastic beer coaster. I cut the sequence up into 11 subsequences "A"-"K". Then I created branching nodes "A-AB", "B-BC". "C-CD" and so forth. Finally, I composed these nodes in the tree you see in the video.


Advanced Doodling - Hot Studio Action

Here is a quick cut of some dailies from the last month or two with the Advanced Doodling crew.

Earlier in the project I staged a tiny zebra-striped bead on spinning platform and film it getting submerged in stop-motion by other tiny things, including googly-eyes and seed-beads. In the sequence of shoots shown here, we are attempting to recreate this shoot at 300X scale on a four-foot rotating turn-table. The giant version of the zebra-bead is made out of paper mache and it will get submerged in painted corks, small easter eggs, and decked out larger easter eggs.

Then some blue clay will emerge from the larger eggs and form a sculpture. But that's a story for another day... stay tuned.