Advanced Doodling (Pitch Video)

"Because the art we make is never as beautiful as the art we make while making it."
Check out much more about my current project "Advanced Doodling" on my blog.


In 2012 I had the pleasure of collaborating with the musician Brandon Patton on "Freckle" a love-story rendered in over 19,000 velcro dots. You can find out much more about the video and process of it's creation a here .

Hot Velcro Action

Hot Velcro Action, a 6 minute stop-motion short comprised of over 7000 still images, is the first complete film to emerge from the great and mighty velcro dot project. Better still, the piece has slithered its way into the world at large:

"Save the Date"

A video "Save The Date" invite for the happy couple, Seth and Mandy...

Happy New Years 2012!

A New Years greeting from Hot Velcro Action. Spliced together from out-takes on the Freckle project and reflecting the consistent truth that my materials are more beautiful than any art I make with them.

Velcro Stop Mo Live.

402 frames shot at the Artists Alley Live Painting event on March 19, 2011.


A stop-mo OkCupid entreaty.



Video Invite for DotFest 2.

Beep Boop.

Rough cut of Music video for "Fauy's Film" by Binarpilot. Most of this footage got absorbed into Hot Velcro Action.

Fade To Black.

A short piece created in the process of returning the dot board to all black.

DotFest '09.

The result of the innaugural Hot Velcro Action party on Dec 12, 2009. The video showcases individual dots and stop motion sequences created entirely by the many Velcro Creationizers who invaded my studio and went to town.

Your Move.

Short promo for the PR blitz preceding the Hot Velcro Action party.